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  • Now over 140,000 happy clients worldwide. Mr Javi Singh of Pune, India was our 140,000th client and received a free years hosting in recognition of this momentus milestone being reached. He was pleasantly surprised, "I had no idea, what a generous gesture" Mr Singh responded after being informed of his free hosting.
  • 3iX have just completed an agreement with Search Rocket to offer their world renowned SEO services to their client base. Martin Miller, Group Client Liaison told us, "Search Rocket offer a fantastic range of SEO services that will really benefit our clients looking to improve their search engine rankings. As Google keep changing the playing field it is now more important than ever to use SEO professionals to keep you on the right track. Organic search engine traffic is vital to ensure the success of an online business and the holy grail is page one Google. Search Rocket have been keeping us there consistently for a very long time." The new SEO service will be available in the next few weeks.
  • Server upgrades now complete. 3iX technical team have been working around the clock to get the last server upgrades completed. All our clients are now on state-of-the-art technology, which will improve reliability and site security. "This massive investment in hardware is a sign of the 3iX ongoing commitment to staying ahead of the field and keeping our loyal clients on the best possible systems" Martin Miller reported.
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